I don´t know how many times people have asked me for a smaller version of our yoga dome for personal use. Imagine your own yoga space where you feel like you are outdoors, but with protection from the elements. My partner is offering now this structure to give you just that, and more.

The economic shape of the dome means that even a small heater will warm up the space in minutes, with a constant circulation of air.

They can also be used as:

Outdoor café

● Event pod

● Glamping dome

● Trading pod

● Exposition hall

● Garden pod

● Luxury greenhouse

● Kids playarea


The SOTA Dome set includes:


1. Ready-to-install polycarbonate panels (ISO 9001: 2008)

2. Stainless steel ring and door frame.

3. Transparent PVC door on zip fasteners for the entry. (glass door on request + €950)

4. Stainless steel bolts and fittings.

5. Installation instructions.

6. One window included. (extra window +€150)


Order execution time: up to 20 days. Installation time - 5-6 hours.


3.6 meters diameter - €3660 including delivery

4.2 meters diameter - €5860 including delivery

Contact me through the number below for more information and to order yours!