Yoga Course Online

4 Week Course
Starting 28th of June 2021

July Yoga Course
A 4 week Ashtanga Yoga course. This course is open to anyone with previous Ashtanga yoga experience. (Complete beginners can check out our channel here)

For July, our focus will be on the Half Primary sequence. We will meet every Wednesday morning at 7.15am via Zoom to practice together. This particular sequence can be broken up into 3 sections. If you prefer a shorter practice, join in for the sun salutations and/or the standing sequence followed by Savasana (Relaxation). This class will be recorded and will stay available for 7 days which means you can repeat the class or part of the class whenever you like within the week.

Ashtanga yoga is designed for us to memorise the sequence so we can connect with our breath as we practice without thinking too much about the physical postures.  A particular type of ashtanga class is called Mysore style which means you practice at your own pace without guidance, but in the presence of your teacher. We first need to build confidence in flowing through the sequence ourselves without guidance. For this month, you have homework! I want you to complete the Sun Salutations on 2 other days during the week, preferably Monday and Friday. This will mean 5 A and 3 B followed by meditation and relaxation. We will open a private group via the App to check in with each other, for motivation and support.

For those of you who have already subscribed to the channel, you have a €10 discount on this course. Send me a private message to receive the coupon code if you don't already have it before booking below.

Drop in rate is also available for each class at €10 per class.