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Disconnect to Connect

We all want to spend less time on the phone. We all blame the phone for turning us into zombies. We all look at kids and teenagers growing up with their heads down on the phone. Even when they’re out with their friends, they’re still on their phones!

On the bus, in a que, eating lunch alone, sitting in the car…you name it, we’re on our phones. We can’t even enjoy a special moment anymore without grabbing our phones to record or take a picture of the moment. Why? To share the moment with the world.

So let’s break it up a little, is it really the phone that’s the problem, or the data that’s connected to the phone?

I often thought, maybe I will go back to the old bog standard phone where you can only make calls and text.

But I need my phone for my business…everything is connected, from people asking questions about my website, to wanting to book in or important emails…I surely need to be connected all the time in case I miss something…or do I?

For the last few months, before I hop into bed, I switch off the wifi and data buttons on my phone. Voila, it’s just a phone. I sleep so much better without all those Instagram notifications coming in at stupid o’clock during the night.

So it got me thinking, most people go home from work at 6pm. I work from home so I never really switched off. Until now.

Come 6pm, I disconnect. Wifi and data, off. I can still take calls from family or make a call if I want to meet a friend. But the freedom is liberating. And so simple.

My head is up, taking in my surroundings, connecting with the people around me rather than the people in cyber world. I am calmer, and more relaxed in the evenings.

I now have more time to read, go for walks, notice my breath, yoga!

Try it! See what happens when you disconnect for a while!

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