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What happens when life gets busy?!

Updated: Jan 8

It happens to all of us! There are weeks or months that go by that we feel like we don't have the time or the energy to get on the mat. We may have a week where we are feeling unwell and we need to preserve our energy.

Well the beauty about yoga is that its not just about the movements or the asanas, and you don't need to be on your yoga mat to be doing yoga.

For me the past few weeks have been hectic, and I turned to pranayama practice (Breathwork) and meditation. Some of which I did when I hopped into bed at night. Rather than spending time scrolling through the phone at social media posts, I popped on a recording and closed my eyes while I listened. So much better than anything I was going to find on facebook or instagram.

In the mornings I spent some time journalling with a cuppa. We just finished a journalling program on the app, how did it go for you?

My point is that our practice can and will change. Allow it to happen and go with how your body feels and listen to it! This morning for example, my energy was all over the place, Monday morning adrenaline kick and I needed a 20 minute physical practice to get myself back on track for the day. It's magic really!

I am glad that my practice changes, its important to move with the times and it keeps it all the more interesting!

It is also giving me the chance to focus on my diet and be aware of what I am feeding myself. Nothing worse than feeling tired and reaching for the wrong thing, and then feeling even worse afterwards. So I have also added a new program to our schedule on Healthy Eating.

Lots going on for all of us, but our health is priority. One day at a time.

See you on (or off) the mat!


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